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Candle Making Workshop | Development of Creativity as a Therapy

Art Therapy is a technique that is rooted in idea that the creative expresseion has ditect link to fostering healing and mental well-being. 

The creation or appreciation of art is used to help people explore emotions, develop self-awareness, cope with stress, boost self-esteem and work on social skills.

Making soy candles is relatively simple and consists of three basic parts melting the wax, adding fragnace oil and assembly. However, the process requires the knowledge of safety instructions and key details making the candle safe to use, smelling good and looking beautifull.

The workshop hosted by Ms Anna Kazanskaia consisted of two parts – theory and practice. 

At the first part, ladies were taught the theory on how to make good quality candles, how to decorate it, how to choose materials, colours, essential oil. 

During the second part of the workshop, women were invited to try to make their own candles and see on practice all the aspects of theory learned. 

The workshop was warmly welcomed by the women attending FOL Women center and we belive that development of creativity is important for emotional and mental healing. 

Please watch a short video below from the art candle making workshop taking place at Fountain of Life Women’s Center