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Empowering Communities: Mobile Knowledge Clinic Activities in Pattaya City Hall

On June 23, The Fountain of Life Women Center, RGS Thailand hosted a transformative event called the “Mobile Knowledge Clinic Activities” at Pattaya City Hall. The objective was to drive mechanisms to prevent and resolve violence against women and children, promote communication channels, and provide training on rights and protection.

Participants gathered at Thappraya Room, 4th floor, Pattaya City Hall, where the event kicked off with musical performances by the talented Camellian Social Rayong Center. Their captivating melodies set the stage for a day filled with empowering discussions and activities.


Volunteers took the spotlight next, presenting a powerful dance performance titled “Wake the World with Dawning Joy.” Their energy and dedication exemplified the collective effort needed to combat gender-based violence and create a society free from fear and injustice. 

Esteemed speakers, including Sister Piyachat Boonmul, RGS, director of the Fountain of Life Women’s Center and Ms. Thithipan Phettrakul, Deputy Mayor of Pattaya City, shared their insights and perspectives on addressing gender-based violence. Representatives from the Office of the Prosecutor Region 2, Recruitment Chonburi Province, and Chonburi Provincial Employment Department also provided valuable contributions, highlighting the legal, social, and employment dimensions of the issue. 

The Fountain of Life Women’s Center, RGS Thailand, extends its heartfelt appreciation to the following departments and individuals for their valuable contributions to this important event:

  • Camellian Social Rayong Center for their captivating musical performance
  • Volunteers for their inspiring dance performance, “Wake the World with Dawning Joy”
  • Sister Piyachat Boonmul for her report speech
  • Thithipan Phettrakul, Deputy Mayor of Pattaya City, for her opening speech
  • Office of the Prosecutor Region 2 for their insightful session on human rights
  • Recruitment Chonburi Province for their informative presentation
  • Chonburi Provincial Employment Department for sharing their expertise on employment matters

Their dedication and support played a significant role in making this event a success. With 203 participants in attendance, the Mobile Knowledge Clinic activities brought together a diverse range of stakeholders committed to building a safer and more inclusive society. Through prevention, intervention, and rehabilitation mechanisms, as well as enhanced communication channels, the event aimed to empower individuals with knowledge and awareness.

The Fountain of Life Center, RGS Thailand, remains dedicated to promoting gender equality, protecting the rights of vulnerable communities, and eradicating gender-based violence. Together with our partners, we will continue to collaborate across sectors, working towards a society where violence has no place and where every individual feels safe, respected, and empowered.

Join us in our mission to create a better and brighter future for all. Together, we can make a lasting impact and build communities where empowerment and equality prevail.