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Father Bee interview on importance of development of spiritual dimension in education of vulnerable groups

On Tuesday, 28 June, Father Bee, visited the Fountain of Life Women Center and Fountain of Life Children’s Center in Pattaya, to bless the centers and to say mass for vulnerable women, children, staff, and volunteers.

Father Bee is a Ph.D. Candidate in Education, currently doing research as a part of his doctoral degree in the UK, and we were very happy to interview Father Bee on the importance of developing the spiritual dimension in the education of vulnerable groups.

“I am so delighted to visit the center run by Good Shepherd Sisters. It is a great opportunity for me to reflect on education since this is my Ph.D. research at the moment. Education is very important, particularly when we think about education that helps to improve the lives of people, including vulnerable women who receive their formation through different educational activities. 

For me, I think that education must be holistic, meaning it develops different aspects of life, not only intellectual or cognitive dimensions but also the spiritual. These women need to develop the spiritual dimension, to enable them to discover or find the meaning of their lives. 

And I think when they come to this center, they also become aware that they are not alone, but they have friends, volunteers, teachers, and Sisters who are ready to journey with them in their lives as well.

After visiting the Fountain of Life Women’s Center, I became confident that this center can represent the religious organizations that can change the live skills of marginalized people in a society; not only to give them opportunities through the development of skills, but also we help them to see that they do not journey alone, but they have all of us to become part of their family. 

May God Bless You All!”

Our special regards to Ms. Anna Kazankaia, Neya Global for interviewing Father Bee, preparing the video/news reports, and for the continuous support.  

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