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Good Shepherd Sisters Thailand


Good Shepherd Sisters Thailand operate community support centers, educational programs and projects in 6 provinces of Thailand and in Cambodia.

Central Region, Bangkok

The first house of the Good Shepherd Sisters was established in 1965 in Din Daeng, Bangkok. Since that time the number being helped has increased drastically. The area of Bangkok in which the Sisters first began working is unrecognizable. From the open paddy fields and slum dwellings, it is now a crowded busy metropolis. The slums have increased in number and the needs of the people facing unemployment, sickness, lack of educational opportunities and poverty have escalated.


Responding to this need the Good Shepherd Sisters in Din Daeng have very successfully implemented the following programs.

The Fatima Center


The Fatima Centre of the Good Shepherd Sisters of Thailand is a non-profit organization dedicated to developing the quality of life of all those in need regardless of their religious affiliation. Under the expert direction of those whose sole concern is the welfare of others the Fatima Centre provides opportunities for women and young girls at risk in the community and to break out of the unending cycle of poverty. 

The Fatima Shop

The Fatima Shop has a wide range of handicrafts and fine embroidery work for sale from producer groups and crafts people in Thailand. The money received from the sale of these handicrafts goes to support the Good Shepherd Sisters ministries and helps to improve the monetary income for people and families throughout the region.

Baan Kevin Residential Care

This program caters for teenage girls from 60 provinces in Thailand. Predominantly from poor families, many come from broken homes or have a history of sexual abuse. All share in common the lack of opportunity for education and employment.

Baan Sukruthai 

Residential Care (Mother and baby) 

The Home offers counseling, medical care in an environment in which the single mothers feel loved and accepted. Pre and post natal care is given with much personal support engendered amongst the women themselves. The women take part in a daily program and classes involving regular visiting professionals. We prepare mothers for the future with parenting skills and the physical and emotional needs of infants.

Day Care Center


Building a foundation for children to develop a positive sense of self-worth is part of the Good Shepherd Mission. Day Care is work of promotion offering each a chance to grow to his or her potential.

East Region, Pattaya

Fountain of Life Women's Center 


The aim of the Center is to provide a place where friendship, education, healthcare, counseling and support are given in a safe and caring environment. Responding to the needs of women and children exploited by the sex tourist industry we started a drop-in-center for them in 1988. The women's project is well established now and is well known to women working in the bars in Pattaya.


Fountain of Life Children's Center 


Protecting and educating children who are victims of human trafficking and abuse, face homelessness and starvation, or have learning or behavioral difficulties. Through education children receive the knowledge and life skills they need to thrive, while in a safe, loving environment

South Region, Phuket

Good Shepherd Phuket Town 

Since 2010, The Good Shepherd Phuket Town has been a solitary beacon of hope for the poor in slum areas around the fishing port in Phuket Town. Living in inhumane, unsanitary conditions in squalid encampments, many fall prey to unscrupulous employers in the construction industry or Human Trafficking.

Home for Hope

Residential Care

The infant mortality rate among poor migrant girls and women is extremely high in Phuket. They give birth in local construction camps in unsanitary conditions without any medical assistance. The center in Phuket Town accommodates poor girls and women, giving them a safe and clean environment throughout their pregnancy, delivery and sees them through to post natal care. Periodically, up to 15 girls stay at any one time.

Vocational Training Center Patong


Many poor girls and women have never had the chance to have a proper education. They have been forced into trades that they might never have chosen themselves, especially in Patong. The center was set up to provide English, hairdressing, computer and massage courses. They are given an opportunity to improve their education, change careers and earn a decent living. There are over 500 Thai women and men enrolled at the Center.

Saint Euphrasia BanYa Literacy and Learning Center


Located in a small village called Baan Ya, the new building is less than half a kilometer from the Saint Euphrasia Learning Center, which opened June 2014 with 60 students.The BanYa Literacy and Learning Centre is now housed in a new 8 room building. It has been built by the Thai property owner, Khun Tanit with additional funding from a number of individual and club sponsors. 

Second Hand Store & Crafts Shop

Since 2012, volunteers in our thrift shop work to raise money. Our sales help to fund various projects and special needs of the Good Shepherd Phuket. 

Migrant Worker Outreach


Many migrants, traveling to Phuket, fall victim to human trafficking. They have suffered extreme traumas, including sexual and physical abuse under tremendously inhumane conditions. They are given care, support, counseling and eventually an education. Outreach medical and social services are provided to those suffering in the local camps around the outskirts of Phuket.

Crafts Center: ‘Sewing Seeds of Change’

Thanks to the efforts of a local women’s group, the pregnant women at the Home for Hope are being taught a variety of sewing and craft skills.

North Region, Chiang Mai

Wild Flower Home

Residential Care (mother & baby) 

The Wildflower House provides safety, education, health care, and other support to single women who are pregnant or with young children with the aim of helping them become independent. This target group faces many forms of discrimination on the grounds of being a woman, being poor, being an illegitimate mother, or being a tribal woman. 

North Region, Chiang Rai

Good Shepherd Youth Center

Student Residence 

The Chiang Rai Good Shepherd Youth Centre began when the Good Shepherd Sisters realised how crucial it was to offer a safe refuge to the impoverishe young women of the Hill Tribe regions of the Northern Thailand. The Centre opened in 1996 in Phan has help to bring light and hope to many lives.

Good Life Project

In 2006, the sisters started the Good Life Project.  This project taught the girls at the center  as well as the ones that are studying at University  and the older women how to make handicraft as a business venture.

North East Region, Nong Khai

Child & Youth Development Program


A child with an education, is a youth with a future


In the northeastern villages of Thailand, due to the economic circumstances of families, the opportunity for children to further their education is not usually available.

Whilst deemed by the United Nations as a universal right of every child, there are many deterrents to education, for a family’s basic needs come before the purchase of uniforms and books. 

Hands of hope

The Hands of Hope project, begun in 2005, provides villagers living with or affected by HIV/AIDS, with creative and dignified employment. The producers currently handcraft almost 700 designs of cards, decorations, mobiles, and gift items, using ‘saa’ paper as the main medium– sustainably made in Thailand from the mulberry tree.

Outreach Health Care & SS

Residential Care


The Outreach Programme began in 2000, primarily in response to the growing number of HIV and AIDS infections. It was the pre-antiretroviral medicines era and death was a constant companion. However, the Sisters and their dedicated, professional staff, provided home nursing care and soon after, a community centre to give much needed social support. 

Regina Centre


A group of women from the Regina Centre have chosen to form their own group to continue sewing and meeting orders from past and new customers. Mostly their work will be done with a Thai market in mind but are open to receiving international orders as well - providing shipping is an option to the requesting country.  

Sufficiency Learning Centre


Known to many who have been associated with Good Shepherd Nong Khai since the early years as the Village Vocational Training Centre (VVTC), this project has now changed to the “Sufficiency Learning Centre – for human resource development and empowerment”.

In the past ten years, life style has changed for those living in rural communities.



Fountain of Life Center



English classes for all people in the community

Through this daily program we are able to reach out to all the people in the community. Many of the people who attend the classes do not have the money to have private tuition classes. Every day about 139 children – teenage girls and boys – and young adults come to the Center. Young Mothers are able to share their life struggles with us and receive counseling after the classes. The young adults are working and they need language skills.

          GST strives to protect the children against all forms of violence, abuse, neglect, harassment, assault, discrimination and exploitation. This includes any concerns relating to the physical, psychological, emotional and sexual aspects of the children. We are committed to provide a safe and healthy environment that fosters the children’s physical, intellectual, social, emotional, moral and spiritual development.

  • Advocate a child-favourable environment to ensure every child is protected from harm;
  • Educate all personnel of GST including all volunteers and visitors about child protection by raising their awareness on child abuse and exploitation;
  • Build a framework on how to work with children respectfully and effectively and how to respond to concerns about child abuse and exploitation;
  • Create and maintain an open and well-informed environment where the well-being of a child is paramount and any concerns can be raised and managed effectively.

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