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Good Shepherd Sisters Thailand

Join us in Celebrating the Feast Day of St. Mary Euphrasia!

The Feast Day of St. Mary Euphrasia is a special day for the Good Shepherd Congregation. It is celebrated every year on April 24th to commemorate the life and legacy of the congregation’s founder. St. Mary Euphrasia Pelletier was a French nun who dedicated her life to serving marginalized women and children, and founded the Congregation of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd in 1835. Her work continues to inspire and guide the Good Shepherd sisters and staff today.

The Feast Day celebration at the Good Shepherd Thailand Congregation was a time of reflection, prayer, and joyful gathering. All sisters and staff came together to honor and remember St. Mary Euphrasia’s teachings and vision. The day was filled with meaningful liturgy, sharing of stories and experiences, and gratitude for the blessings received throughout the year.

As we reflect on St. Mary Euphrasia’s life and work, we are reminded of the importance of serving others with compassion and love. Her legacy lives on through the work of the Good Shepherd sisters and staff, who continue to provide shelter, education, and empowerment to vulnerable women and children.

We invite you to enjoy some photos from the Feast Day celebration at the Good Shepherd Thailand Mission in Phuket at Sister Cafe Project. As we continue to honor the memory of St. Mary Euphrasia, let us also renew our commitment to serving those in need with kindness, generosity, and respect.