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Palm Leaf Weaving | Traditional Art for Palm Tuesday

Weaving or Braiding the Blessed Palms from Palm Sunday

Traditional Art Workshop took place at the Fountain of Life Women Center, Pattaya. Palm weaving is the folding and weaving of strips of palm leaves, also called fronds to create different objects.  

It is an ancient art which originated in tropics, where the palm leaves grow and many cultures have long used these leaves to create religious and decorative items. 

Christian Tradition

  • In During the Easter time, the workshop on traditional Palm weaving is held at our center. Palm weaving tradition found in many countries, the craft requires extreme patience and technical skills and it is a good way to relax your mind and develop creativity. 

Thai Cultural Tradition

  • Fan palm fronds are traditionally believed to be propitious plant as they were used as manuscripts for Buddhist scriptures.
  • In Thai culture, the carp is a symbol of prosperity and abundance. In Thailand, the woven fish is made from palm leaves and swaying above babies cribs for good luck. 


  • Thai handicraft products are famous around the world for its uniqueness, quality craftsmanship and wide range of products.
  • All creativity development workshops are designated to support and empower vulnerable women through art therapy healing. 
  • Below you can watch a beautiful video from one of our Easter Palm Weaving workshops lead by Teacher Fern.