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Good Shepherd Sisters Thailand

RGS Sister Piyachat appointed on Influencial Position

Contributing to the protection of women at national level

Sister Piyachat Boonmul is Director of the Good Shepherd Fountain of Life Women’s Center in Pattaya.  Now she has been appointed by the government to an influential national advisory role.  Only 7 people from NGO organizations in the country have been selected for this role.  Congratulations, Piyachat!


Letter of appointment

On 16 January 2021, Piyachat received an official letter confirming her appointment to a national  advisory role.  The government of the Kingdom of Thailand has appointed her to a position: “Qualified members of the Nation Occupational Protection and Development Committee”.  Piyachat was nominated by the Department of Women’s Affairs and Family Development. 


Description of Role

Qualified member of the Nation Occupational Protection and Development Committee:

  • Has the power and duty to set up protection policy and career development. This includes improving the quality of life of sex workers, coordinating plans, projects, work systems and establishing common guidelines with government agencies and private sectors involved in the prevention and suppression of prostitution.

  • To propose opinions to the Minister to propose to the Council of Ministers on the improvement of the official performance or work plans of relevant government agencies regarding the prevention and suppression of prostitution, to the Minister on the appointment of competent officials.

  • And the establishment of a shelter or protection and occupational development of the government, recommendations to the minister on budget allocation to support the operation of protection and occupational development, to the minister on the determination of rules, procedures.

  • And conditions for the establishment of a receiving shelter or a protection and occupational development facility, to advise the Minister on the establishment of regulations or orders concerning the operation of the Shelter and the Protection and Occupational Development Center,

  • Establish regulations for detainees’ acceptance and care, regulations and procedures for deportation of persons to shelters and occupational protection and development facilities. As well as determining the period of receiving protection and career development in the occupational protection and development center, perform other actions in the execution of this Act (Section 15)


Sister Piyachat’s response

“This is such a big responsibility and I am happy to be blessed to contribute to the protection of women of Thailand on governmental level.”


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