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Traditional Thai Balm Making | Ancient herbal remedy

Herbal balms is Thai traditional natural remedy that has a century-old history. It is made from natural components and used to improve blood circulation, to ease aching symptoms; help after sprain or other injures; against itching, after insects bites, headache, etc.

During the Thai Balm making workshop at the Fountain of LIfe Women’s Center, women get introduced to secrets of traditional Thai medicine and getting the knowledge on how to prepare the best quality natural remedy from herbs


In Thai tradition, Ya mong is an ordinary medicine that people have in their houses which contains with herbs and many other medicine. It has about liquid state with white or yellow color and other colors because of its ingredients.



  • The balms have scented smell and nowadays is very famous around the world for its amazing healing qualities.
  • Thai balm is an ancient traditional remedy famous worldwide for its unique health benefits.
  • Balms made during the workshop at our center are presented at our Charity Shop.

Please watch a video below from our Traditional Thai Balm Workshop hosted by Teacher Fern, FOL Women Center