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The Good Shepherd Youth Center in Chiang Rai was started in 1996. The sisters came to Chiang Rai to help young hill tribe girls to get an education because they were at risk of being caught and used by human traffickers. The sisters have reached out to the tribal villages and found that the women make beautiful hand embroidered handicraft. We encourage the women to appreciate the beauty of their own culture.

In 2006, the sisters started the Good Life Project.  This project taught the girls at the center  as well as the ones that are studying at University  and the older women how to make handicraft as a business venture .

We sell the products both locally and abroad. Our sisters from many countries such as Australia, America and Europe help us to sell the handicraft abroad. We are proud to say that thousands of young girls and women have a better life and education as a result of this project.

Good Life

Good Shepherd Sisters , Chiang Rai

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The purchase of this product helps finance the education of tribal girls and consequently reduces the risk of forced migration and human trafficking