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Good Shepherd Sisters Thailand

Mission Development Office in Bangkok

Empowering lives, transforming communities

In June 2020, Good Shepherd Thailand (GST) has set up its Mission Development Office (MDO) in Bangkok.

Our Goals

The MDO was established with the goal of expanding the organization’s reach and impact, and to further its mission of supporting vulnerable women and children in Thailand. GST has been providing essential services, including education, health care, and community development programs, to communities in need for many decades.

With the establishment of the MDO, the organization hopes to expand its services and reach even more people in need. The MDO will work closely with local communities, partners, and volunteers to identify areas of need and develop sustainable solutions to address these challenges.

The MDO will also serve as a hub for GST’s fundraising efforts, enabling the organization to raise more funds and resources to support its programs and initiatives. With your support, Good Shepherd Thailand can continue its mission to empower women and children, and make a positive impact on the lives of those who need it most.

MDO Structure

The MDO Manager, under supervision of Sector Leader Team is also on board to lead this office which has the primary responsibility to ensure that all projects have effective project cycle management, grant seeking and grant management processes in place.

The MDO Manager will work closely with the four working groups including Programme Development, Human Resources, Team Building and Fundraising Working Groups to ensure smooth and effective restructure and development process to become “ONE” Good Shepherd Thailand (GST) where the main common themes of work will include gender-based violence, child protection and anti-human trafficking. The MDO acts as a central office to coordinate and support GS communities’ in Bangkok, Phuket, Nongkai, Chiangmai, Chiangrai, Pattaya and Cambodia to meet its common goal; provide technical assistance, assess and document GS good practices, as well as provide capacity building to all team across GS communities.

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