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MoU initiated by the Good Shepherd Thailand

23 November, 2021 | Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation to Strengthening Driving Mechanisms to Prevent and Eliminate Violence Against Women and Children

Two days ahead of the UN International Day for Elimination of Violence against Women, the representatives of 14 government and social agencies, with the support of the Catholic Social Media, has gathered together in order to make a commitment to strengthening measures of tackling gender-based violence, with a focus on protection of women and children

The event took place on 23 November, 2021 at the Pattaya City Hall and was initiated by the Director of the Fountain of Life Women Center the Good Shepherd Thailand Sister and Qualified Member of the Protection and Occupational Commitee – Sister Piyachat Boonmul RGS.

Sister Apinya, the Director of the Fountain of Life Children Center and Ms Anna Kazanskaia, PhD Candidate and Global Charity Expert were the hosts of the event.

Our special regards to the team of volunteers from Fidesco International Organization and staff who have helped us throughout the preparation of the event and during the gathering meeting guests and taking active part in organization.

Sister Piyachat RGS with introduction speech on the MoU signing 

“The Memorandum of Understanding of Cooperation to Strengthening Driving Mechanisms Preventing violence against women and children was developed in agreement with government agencies and in cooperation with private sector, civil society and media. 

Nowadays, the problem of violence in society becomes more complex and intense and trying to solve the problem by one agency alone, can not be truly successful, since the help and protection of vulnerable groups requires the integration of cooperation, coordination and connection between the agencies working on both government policy level and the operational level.”

The problem of victims silence is one of the key obstacles towards reaching out to the gender-based violence survivors, and this causes further cases of abuse and mental health issues for women and children experienced the abuse. One of the abuse survivor, women who has attended the Fountain of Life Women Center, has shared her heartfelt story about the pain she has suffered and the healing she has achieved through the help and support of the FOL Women Center’s team. 

“I ran-away from my husband to work in Pattaya because my husband hit and chocked. My husband abused me physical and mentally. I suffered for over 25 years. He hurted me when he wanted. He torn my clothes in front of the workers. You may question why did i wait for so long because I always cared for my daughter and needed to safe my family. After my daughter finished education, I though I was too old to get a new job to earn money for my daughter school. I wish for my daughter to have a good school for a better life, so I have been patient for this reason 

Now I am 50 years old, and I am currently divorced from ex-husbandI came to the Fountain of Life Centre, I needed friends and someone who really understand my situation. I applied for a hairdressing course at the Fountain of Life Women’s Center and got certificated. 

I would like to give myself to those who needed help and who’re the same situation. I am now able to live alone without my husband I’m strong and motivated to have a new way of living.I wish all women be survivor from domestic violence and can protect yourself and family. You are not alone. We are here for you”

For security reasons we are keeping the name of the survivors private, however we want to acknowledge her desire to share her story of healing and reintegrating back to society with many more women. She wanted all women who, like her in the past, are suffering violence and abuse to know that they can change their life and there is a place where they can feel safe and protected to heal and return back to the life of dignity. 

Ms Anna Kazanskaia have delivered the report on the importance of the International Partnership in tackling the gender based violenece issues.

“With the help of the Catholic Social Media, the event was broadcasted to 72 nations, Sisters of the Good Shepherd Congregation and Christian Communities worldwide to raise an awareness about the importance of the global collective effort to stop gender based violence. 

The gender-based violence increase during every type of emergency, and as the UN agency reports, since the beginning of the Covid-19, the statistics gained from the organizations worldwide have shown that all types of violence against women and girls, particularly domestic violence has intensified. In many countries, resources and efforts have been diverted from violence against women response to immediate Covid-19 response and recovery efforts. 

The UN Global Goal 17 is about the revitalization of global partnership for sustainable development and nowadays, it is extremely important to develop channels of communication, partnership and knowledge exchange to prevent and eliminate any form of violence against women and children.” 

We want express our sincere gratitude to all agencies taking part in signing  the MoU on Cooperation to Strengthening Driving Mechanisms to Prevent and Eliminate Violence Against Women and Children | 23 November 

  • The Deputy Mayor of Pattaya Mr.Banlue Kullawinit 

We are very thankful to Pattaya Citity Hall Administration for continuous cooperation, contributoon and participationg in the events in support of women and children rights

  • Ms. Janjira Thaibandit representative of the Ministry of Social Developmentand Human Security of Chonburi.

We are very thankful to the Ministry of Social development and Human security of Chonburi for contributing to strengthening the mechanisms of victims of Gender based violence protection and rehabilitation.

  • Mr. Sasin Sukjarat representative of the Department of Civil Rights Protection and Legal Aid Office of the Attorney General

Our special regards to the Department of Civil Rights Protection and Legal Aid Office of the Attorney General for the contribution you made towards the victims of gender-based violence welfare protection, rehabilitation and reintegration back to the society

  • Ms. Rattigorn Srisuranan director of the Vocational training center in honor of the thirty-sixth birthday anniversary of her lawyer highest prince MAHA CHAKRI SIRINTORN Foundation

We are very thankful to the Women and Family Development Learning Center for the support of local community and the raise of awareness programs promotion and related training of risk groups.

  • Police Major Chiyarong ChaiInn representative of the Pattaya City Police Station

We want to express our sincere gratitude to Pattaya City Police Station for continuous support and active collaboration in providing education, self-defense and raise of awareness programs for vulnerable groups.

  • Bishop Silvio Siripong Charatsri, the Bishop of Chanthaburi Diocese 

Thank you very much for supporting women of our center and taking active part in strengthning measures protevting vulnerable groups. 

  • Father Nupan Tuhsamari representative of the Catholic Social Media Representative

We are very thankful to Catholic Social Media for support in raising awareness and promoting the women and children protection.

  • Father Kritsada Sukapat, representative of The representative of Pattaya Orphanage

Support of community, educational and social institutions is key for tackling gender-based violence crimes. Special regards to Pattaya Orphanage for active contrubution for the cause. 

  • Father Phuwanart Naenna, Director of Commission for Christian Laity Desk for the family

Our special regards to Commission for Christian Laity Desk for the family forcollaboration in promotion of Gender based violence prevention and protection of women and children right.

  • Father Apichit Chinawong, Director of Diocesan Social Action Centre of Chantaburi

We want to express our gratitude for the support on global cause promotion and cooperation to Diocesan Social Action Centre of Chantaburi.

We are very thankful to all guests and speakers for active cooperation and collaboration on tackling the gender based violence.

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