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Good Shepherd Sisters Thailand

Good Shepherd Nong Khai Community

Joining hands to shape our future

Background to the Nong Khai projects

The Good Shepherd Sisters arrived in Nong Khai, in the northeast of Thailand, in 1981.  Having worked in Bangkok since 1965 with the women who had migrated to the city from the rural areas, they understood the pressures on rural families in trying to satisfy their most basic needs. The people were disadvantaged in so many ways.  Lacking an education or training of any sort, employment opportunities were limited.

Working at first in the border camps in Nong Khai, the sisters had a good understanding of the local people and after the closure of the camps, began implementing development projects. To this day, these have been a source of empowerment, improving the quality of life for all involved.

At the heart of the projects, is a commitment to foster the dignity of the individual and a sense of belonging to communities where people experience respect, acceptance, love and hope. Through the two major programme areas – Village Outreach and Child and Youth Development, with their associated activities, the Good Shepherd Sisters and their compassionate and committed mission partners, have a presence in 180 villages, across 4 provinces.

To reflect the changes forced upon us by the impacts of COVID-19, the Nong Khai website has recently been renewed.  Use the link below to learn about our community and its projects.

Hands of Hope video

Through this latest video, meet the people involved in Hands of Hope, and listen to them describe the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on their lives and livelihood.  Despite the hardships, their final word is:  ‘Our name;  Hands of Hope says it all!’

Click here – Hands of Hope _ BAFTS video _ final _ v2.mp4